Some infos about us


Our Lab Director, Craig Cantwell

Craig Cantwell has been recognized as a court expert presenting key defense winning evidence and testified in high profile cases In Vermont for private defense counsel, for the Office of the Vermont Defender General including it’s Serious Felony Units and criminal cases for Public Defenders in all counties in the state of Vermont and also in Federal court cases including civil in New York City and Washington, DC

• Manages all aspects of digital forensics laboratory including complete
oversight of its day to day operations and staff
• Supervise the investigation of computer and cell phone
forensics investigations for Criminal Defense cases and ensure
all evidentiary rules and practices, as well as all internal
policies, are followed.
• Coordinate resources, both human and technological, to ensure
investigations can be completed in reasonable time frames.
• Chip-Off and JTAG Forensics data extraction specialist
• Audio/Video Enhancement forensic specialist
• Gives expert court testimony and reports.